James Ironguy a.k.a. CNF 92 is a TTS maker. He is currently making MSSAM Vs. The sage, MSSAM IS MISSING, and MSSAM play Yu-Gi-Oh Microsoft edition TNS. He owns like a factoryload of WTF Trains and Rolfcopters. He is also known for his Yu-Gi-Oh Skills. He is also proclaimed to be a youtube pooper. But is really bad at it, as he proclaims.

His Youtube Poops are:


Billy Mays uses Kaboom and a hammer to kill weegee

Hi Chazz Mays here!

Both Hodgepodge of clips he recovered

The Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Video Game.

His Noteable TTS Videos are:

Microsoft Mike Prank Call

His Entry into WSAM0TV's (RIP) TTS Video Contest

Microsoft Sam blacks out

His WTF Train Ad Contest.

He has Reuploaded some of KarlaEzekiel1's videos under his permission.

Sam uses drain time to kill mike in episode 5 of yu gi oh microsoft edition.

His created yu gi oh card is drain time. (English version)

He is currently on the TB101 Space station #3 he created himself.

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