Clockwork is basically one of the unknown Dialga mutations. He loves hanging around his friends. He just is really shy and quiet. He prefers to be alone most of the time. Clockwork is one of the remaining dialga to live on earth 2 besides his sister. He just is enemies with his sister for some odd reason. He is only used by QueenFantaCat and Fanta's friends

Story of Clockwork

He was a normal dialga until a horrible disaster happened to him. The amulet that he wore smashed into pieces and His sister almost killed him. Clockworks amulet was fixed later after the battle. Without his amulet he is powerless . After his sister did not care about him anymore. His friends where sort of horrified and tried to help Clockwork see his options in life. So he decided to be a Filmmaker and a Actor. He chose to work where his friends worked which was the QueenFantaCatTv Studio. "I never Regretted making this choice to work here." Clockwork said to Fanta during a video in the making.


LPS :School of psycho episode 7 and later

Microsoft Sam's Horrable days

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