Colonel Brendslov
"I know there's someone who knows I'm human, with Lilinth, the Harbinger of Darkness, The Ender of Life, and the Destroyer of Worlds. I wake up, as I welcome this Corrupted Dawn."






Critically High


Colonel, General, Dark-Colonel


Microsoft Mary, Ashley Anderson (Agent) Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 4


Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Anna, and Apple Products


Destroyer, Marksman

First Encountered:

Episode 7 of the Galactic War (Season One)


Alive, with US forces


Brendslov, as a Military Colonel

Zack N. Brendslov is a Russian Colonel created by VGN (Formerly Isaac and Caleb) who is known for the Kyru Jin Military Airport Massacre in Communist-Khronic 2075. He and his comrades are all Generals, Marksmen, Snipers, Soldiers, and Recruits in disguise, and have gone on conquests with the Russian Galactic Force against alien galaxies. He became Vice-President of Russia, next to President Pieboy6000, in 2077, when he was 24. He quit his job as a military leader but still assisted in galactic conquest. Brendslov was shot by one of his corrupt military friends. He was rushed to the Zakhaev General Hospital and lived. He ordered the Russians to execute him, and they did. Brendslov was still alive, but had time to recover from what happened on November 16th, 2077. He took refuge, supporting his comrades in Communist Congress. However, they did find out who the man was they got rid of; it was Nikolai Zakhaev, the former tactical specialist in the military. The Russian forces have planned a secret invasion assault on the US, ordered by Brendslov and congress themselves. 4 days later, the city of Richmond was devastated by the naval fleets under control of Brendslov's ship, The USS Deceptor. The cities of Alexandria and Williamsburg were destroyed 13 hours later. The US destroyed the USS Slakrov and their naval forces, but the Deceptor had an advantage to escape. The battleship was somewhere in United Soviet Socialist Republic, or known as the USSR, and ready to destroy anything that came by. The battleship then got decommissioned and resigned to the USS Brendslov, named after him himself a month after the creation.


The USS Deceptor Battleship, as seen traveling to the side of ROFL Island chain for a Secret Attack

However, the ship had been destroyed in an air assault. 21,000 people lost their lives. A massive war struck the US a few days later, during January 23rd, 2078. It was called "Remember the Republic," after the night of January 24th, it was ordered by Brendslov again, hoping he and his people would remember the day when many people lost their lives. millions of acres of land were destroyed, cities were devastated, and hundreds and millions of people got killed in the war. The population was 24.9 Billion by the year of 2079, and the war only cost 0.1%. Allied alien forces have helped humans rebuild the cities that were destroyed and took Brendslov to the NSA. They interrogated and brainwashed him until he was reassigned for an American Recruit.

Brendslov is with the US today, and is helping the military fight USSR, hoping to destroy their forces.

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