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Cryo Logo Bloopers is a series created by Aginnon. Current episodes are 10 (as of 2/19), and is a spin off to Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers. It involves the 1997 Cryo Interactive Entertainment logo being done right, but incorrect logos barge in, or commercial plugs may occur. Every once in a while, Sam would be mocked by Scotty, and he will fire him if he screws up. Mr. Cryo is in charge of the intros, and he likes them.

Some episodes don't have barfs or tantrums, but scary logos aswell.

Logo requests are acceptable, however character requests are a definite yes (either YouTubers or copyrighted characters), and these will be allowed.

This series is on hiatus until July 5th.


Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Anna

Microsoft Zira

Speakonia Male 1 as Scotty

Speakonia Male 2 as Sidney

Speakonia Male 3 as Eddie

Speakonia Male 4 as Douglas

Speakonia Male 5 as Biff

Speakonia Male 6 as Mr. Cryo

Speakonia Male 7 as Aginnon (Episodes 1-7, used as tantrum voice in episode 9 onwards)

Speakonia Male 8 as Alex Slitcon and the 1997 Bravo UK logo (in episode 2)

Freddy as Rion

Speakonia Female 1 as Rachel (temporarly)

Speakonia Female 2 as Jill and Microsoft Anna (Temporarly)

LH Michael as himself

LH Michelle as herself

LH Carol as Rachel (current)

Robosoft 1 as the sound of Sam barfing

Robosoft 2 as the Devil

Robosoft 3 as the BP Shield, himself and the sound of Mike barfing

Robosoft 4 as the Mrs. ROFL Robot

Robosoft 5 as the Two-Headed P-Head

Robosoft 6 as the sound of Mary barfing

Mike in Space as God

Mary in Space as Angel

and Adam Demeter as himself (Episode 8 onwards)

Ending Themes

  • Interface (from OFPSM 25) - Jason Page (Episode 1; pilot)
  • No Other Medicine - Jason Page (Episode 2)
  • Ouch my BACK - Jason Page (Episode 3)
  • Find my Own Way - Jason Page (Episode 4)
  • French Style (sped up) - Jason Page (Episode 5)

Scrapped Ideas

  • Season 1 originally intended to have the 1993 logo, but it was omitted.
  • LH Carol and Peter were ment to appear on Episode 5, but after Adam got the actual LH voices, he removed them and placed LH Michael and Michelle.
  • Episode 7 originally intended to have Microsoft Anna, but her voice was still present on his hard drive after Adam installed the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. However, she was replaced by Microsoft Zira.
  • The pilot took almost a year due to Microsoft having Windows XP discontinued, and the characters in the episodes were stickmen, except the video's creator.

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