Cyber ROFL-47

Cyber Beast ROFL-47

The Cyber Beast ROFL-47 is a sub-machine gun used by Microsoft Sam in "Microsoft Sam and LOL War 1" by TheArcadeProductions. It's not run off steam-driven pistons like the standard ROFL-47 is. It's run off of the highest technological gadgetry on Earth 2. It also uses AIMBOT technology, so it never misses its target. So far, the only victim of such a powerful weapon is Soviet terrorist Scottyvich Baloneykov. The gun also has a charging mechanism, which means it doesn't fire bullets, but lazer particles made to look like bullets. On the stock, it shows the owner the battery life, which can last for about a full calendar year before needing to be recharged. It's a very handy weapon, but it has never seen its full potential on the battlefield yet.
Sam in army fatigue

Sam in Army fatigue carrying the Cyber Beast ROFL-47

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