Hacker Admin - Dalton

Dalton, the leader of the Icelandian Cyber Brigade; concept created by Jotegen

Dalton is currently the dictator of Iceland who overthrew its government and is the leader of a hacker group known as the Icelandian Cyber Brigade. He strategizes plans on what should be done to destroy The ROFL World and sends out the majority of air force troops to kill off Microsoft Sam and Co.. He was hidden from view in Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 5 Episode 9, when he sent his brother, Jacob, to instigate death upon Sam and his friends in a local town in the east of The ROFL World. Dalton started his evil plans against The ROFL World when he spoke with TheClassyScrub with a transmission to the NSA, threatening him and everyone else living there with a 24-hour countdown atomic bomb. In Season 5 Episode 13, he revealed that Commander Zompig and his troopers has survived the war between Sam and Co. vs Lucow Fozerrit and his hacker group and that they have joined his cause. Dalton has a right-hand man, who is known as Admiral Cheetmar, as well as his brother Jacob and a sister known as Kelly.


TTS Voice

Adult Male #8


Icelandian Cyber Brigade


Admiral Cheetmar, Commander Zompig, Jacob


Microsoft Sam, PixelartBuilder583, TheClassyScrub, etc.


Jacob (brother), Kelly (sister)




Hacker Admin, ruler of Iceland


Dalton was once one of the hacker soldiers who served under Lucow Fozerrit's leadership, but then the two of them discovered different ideologies between each other. Dalton wanted his own way of dominating the world, but Lucow refused. So it resulted in Dalton leaving his cause, looking for a base to fulfill his own way of taking over Earth 2. After searching, he found a perfect government to overthrow, which was the one from Iceland. While Dalton was hiding in a secret base, he built up his own organization known as the Icelandian Cyber Brigade, and then he led a rebellion to overthrow the previous leader and install an illegal, right-winged dictatorship into Iceland's government. He then dubbed it the Cyber Republic of Iceland, and ruled from his newly built palace.


After Dalton, Lucow, and MechaartBuilder583 finished obtaining remains of old enemies for their resurrection, Dalton was double-crossed by Lucow, who used him to become more powerful and lied about their partnership to take Microsoft Sam and PixelartBuilder583 down and destroy The ROFL World. He was then killed, never to be heard from again.

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