This is the cast of my DOU.


Name Voice
Microsoft Sam himself
Microsoft Mike himself
Microsoft Mary herself
Radar Overseer Scotty Speakonia Male 1
Jimmy Speakonia Male 2
Hank Speakonia Male 3
Drew Speakonia Male 4
Alexander Speakonia Male 5
Mr. Warner Speakonia Male 6
Guy Speakonia Male 5
Harvey Zilth Speakonia Male 7
Officer Flanigan
Sidney Speakonia Male 8
Beulah Speakonia Female 1
Abby Speakonia Female 2
Dan9122 Adult Male 1
Wilson Adult Male 2
Radar Overseer Gordon Adult Male 3
Radar Overseer Robert Adult Male 4
Radar Overseer Ethan Adult Male 5
Radar Overseer Alex Adult Male 6
Chief Gil Adult Male 7
Radar Overseer Lucy Adult Female 1

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