Danger942 (currently known as Rescuehero942), is a YouTuber who was an enemy of Thunderbirds101 and many other text-to-speech video makers in 2009.

The Danger942 Crisis

Notice: Dates may not be entirely accurate.

When Thunderbirds101 was slowly climbing to the fame he has earned today, Danger942 came into the TTS business, but the situation went awry in January 2009. Danger ended up blatantly copying videos from Thunderbirds101 and other text-to-speech video makers.

The situation escalated in February 2009, when Thunderbirds101 began uploading so-called hate videos against danger942 in an attempt to bully him off the site. Other users followed in suit, making hate videos against danger942 and leaving comments on his channel demanding him to leave the site.

The flame war took a very ugly turn when a user (name forgotten) came to danger942's defense, and Thunderbirds101 immediately targeted him for attack with hate videos. This backfired when the unnamed user counterattacked, and Thunderbirds reluctantly took down the hate video against the unnamed user. The attacks continued against danger942.

In early March 2009, danger942 deleted his videos and closed his account. He returned on March 8, 2009 as rescuehero942. After the flame war ended, Thunderbirds101 removed all of the hate videos to avoid being struck with community guidelines violations. Only a handful of videos from the crisis remain on YouTube.

Unchi1999 and Rescuehero942

rescuehero942 was reportedly conspiring with Unchi1999 against Thunderbirds101 to take him down. Their plan was to report him to YouTube by saying they were the original text-to-speech video makers, and not Thunderbirds. The plan ultimately backfired, ironically resulting in unchi1999 being suspended from YouTube for terms of service violations. 

Since the failed conspiracy against Thunderbirds101, rescuehero has moved away from text-to-speech videos, having virtually no contact with Thunderbirds101 since then.