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FairPlay137-TTS's V of Doom Bloopers will be a spin-off of LT Bloopers and Screen Gems S From Hell Bloopers. In this series, Microsoft Sam and the gang try to get the Viacom V of Doom right. What could go wrong? Well, everything, basically!

FairPlay137-TTS hasn't finished the trailer for this series yet due to school and lack of time. However, the assets were in development since late 2016.


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  • Microsoft Sam (himself)
  • Microsoft Mike (himself)
  • Microsoft Mary (herself)
  • Radar Overseer Scotty (TruVoice Adult Male 1)
  • Shield Expert Xavier (Initially DECtalk "Perfect Paul", uses a DECtalk custom voice later on)
  • Dr. Boss (TruVoice Adult Male 6)
  • Microsoft David (himself)
  • Microsoft Zira (herself)
  • FairPlay137-TTS (himself)
  • The Viacom Logo (RoboSoft 1)
  • Microsoft Anna (herself)
  • The Devil (RoboSoft 2)
  • The She-Devil (RoboSoft 5)


In mid to late 2016, FairPlay137-TTS tinkered around with the idea of making his own LTIB/PTT spinoff. His earliest attempt was with a custom Looney Tunes-like intro with a different shield and different music. Shortly after, he had started work on a Viacom V of Doom blooper series that would've run alongside the other blooper series. The LT-like intro blooper series was eventually canned, along with the bab artstyle knockoff that it had (since he had created the new artstyle which is still in use today). He then took a hiatus from producing logo bloopers. Then, in early 2017, davemadson returned, which was the final spark to revive FairPlay137-TTS's Viacom V of Doom blooper series, this time as a main series. Indeed, he had gotten most of the very first pilot episode done, and was going to release it late April 2017, but he thought there were too many flaws, so now he's remaking it. But first, he's gonna make the trailer.

Season List

  • Season 0: Pilot (0/4)
  • Season 1: A Fresh Beginning (0/8)
  • Season 2: TBA (0/9)
  • Season 3: TBA (0/10)


  • The episodes will be mostly made in Flash, but the title card (and audio fixes, since Flash 8 is a bit buggy) will be assembled in Windows Movie Maker.
  • This is the debut series of Shield Expert Xavier, despite him having a history of doing shield zooms in the FairPlay137-TTS Universe.
  • Apparently, Project Take Two and Blue Screen of Death were two of the main inspirations for this series