Dantheman2funny/2FunnyVersionII/2FunnyVersionIII/2FunnyVersionIV/RuneScapeNetwork3 is a Speakonia video maker from Leeds, England. He joined YouTube on 20 October 2006, making classic MS Paint animations of Rolf Harris' songs, such as Court of King Caractacus and Jake the Peg.

Account history

Daniel Russell 2010 fb

He's got STAR POWER!

Dantheman2funny: Friday 20 October 2006–Friday 8 May 2009 (a video was flagged by MattFatKid, suspended)

2FunnyVersionII: Wednesday 22 April 2009–Friday 26 June 2009 (a video was flagged by bozdiniazda, not suspended but closed somehow)

2FunnyTelevision: Wednesday 22 April 2009–unknown (hasn't been used, because the e-mail address was done wrong and cannot be remembered)

2FunnyVersionIII: Friday 26 June 2009–Thursday 31 December 2009 (got disabled two weeks but returned and got suspended)

RuneScapeNetwork3: September 2009 (temporarily); Monday 1 March 2010 (disabled for no reason at all)

2FunnyVersionIV: Friday 1 January 2010; Saturday 13 March 2010–March 24th 2015. (account got terminated because of "copyrighted content")

VHSandStoryUploader89: March 24th 2015 (current account. No longer makes AGK or Microsoft Sam videos anymore, and instead is uploading videos of him narrating books and things from the 1990's.

How it all began

Some time in March or April 2006, young Daniel Jay Russell (born 11 June 1989) discovered YouTube when he was 17. He thought it was a cool website and attempted to make an account, but it didn't work. On 20 October 2006, Daniel signed up for YouTube and became Dantheman2funny. He made animated videos with MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker, and were instant smash hits. In late 2006 and early 2007, Dantheman2funny began making Angry German Kid videos, after watching a video of young Leopold Slikk (the AGK's real name) going nuts over Unreal Tournament, but the gameplay footage was Super Mario Bros. and he thought it was funny as heck. During 2007 and 2008, he made many channel icons, and then he decided to watch videos by fellow YouTubers alwaysdelivers and HoodboyTails. He was then interested in making Speakonia and Microsoft Sam videos after being inspired by them. The RSN Agreement brought to change in administration but now seldom felt in August 2009.

Selected crafts by him

  • MS Paint Animations
  • Speakonia Pwning Videos (has now officially been abandoned, with the last one being 'The Creator of the No Noise at Night Rule Gets Owned')
  • Angry German Kid videos (now abandoned since July or August 2014)
  • Microsoft Sam videos (No longer made because of changes to his content)
  • The Many Voices of 2FunnyVersionIII (2 parts due to 10-minute limit)