Motto: Face the Iron Fist.

Supreme Commander

Thunderbirds101 (USA)


4,120,847 (January 2013)



Government type

Military Dictatorship

Denmark was a former nation in northern Europe. It had control of the autonomous island of Greenland up until January 31, 2013, when the United States of America attacked and annexed the island.

Denmark preferred to stay neutral in conflicts, but would assist their allies if directly threatened. The nation was well-known for its extremely low corruption rate across all government departments.

The Great European Invasion (Earth 2 storyline)

The nation fell victim to the coordinated invasion by the United States of America, the United Speakonian Soviet Republic, and Great Britain. The United States specifically asked to take control of Denmark just to torment its citizens ever further following the invasion of Greenland. American soldiers were particularly brutal against the monarchy, deporting them to ICE facilities in the northern American state of Canada. Denmark was promptly annexed afterwards.

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