Diarrhea Brownies are a strange type of brownie that was invented by Sereniama and the mysterious JoshDegennaro01. They were first introduced in Season 6 Episode 2 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors when Microsoft Sam was offered to have one to save his Shmexy Pr0nz but barfed miserably. In S6E3, he won $100 quadrillion in the mail for eating one previously, but it turned out to be a trick and his balls were burnt. After a 5 second OW, he ate a new brownie with blueberries this time inorder to save his IWAY Cookies but barfed yet again and when distracted, his Shmexy Pr0nz was stolen and his IWAY Cookies were burnt which lead him to GODDAMNITSONVABITCHPIECEOFSHITMOTHERFUCKINGASSHOLEFUCKFUCKFUCK as an option.


The flavours of Diarrhea Brownies are currently in regular and blueberry. But the product will soon will have raspberry flavour.


The side affects of the Diarrhea Brownies is huge time swearing, urges to masturbate to The Sims 2, urges to burn Modern Warfare 2, masturbate to Neko-cat shmexy pr0nz and burn IWAY Cookies.