Diarrhea Death Star- LBE

The Diarrhea Death Star: Low-Budget Edition.

The Diarrhea Death Star: Low-Budget Edition is the third iteration in the infamous line of planet-destroying methane penguin powered space stations.


The Diarrhea Death Star: Low-Budget Edition was constructed by Linux Anna from her secret base on Mars 2. After she traveled to Hell to attempt to find out about Jokermingo0044's whereabouts, Linux Anna found the Diarrhea Death Star assembly instructions inside a random potato. Using the plans, she set about constructing a new superweapon. However, she found out that after spending most of her finances on constructing her base for her Tux clones, she was limited to a very tight budget, and so she was forced to construct it out of inferior materials, specifically paperclips and duct tape.

Use and Destruction

The superweapon's only successful attack was made on Microsoft Geezer's ROFLliner, presumably killing Bob the Roflavigator along with it as a demonstration to the captive Microsoft Mike and Mary. It was then unleashed onto the Thunderbirds101 TV Space Station as part of the FWE series; however, it quickly broke apart owing to its low-budget construction.