Dmitri May̆kl Volishinov
Dmitri, the Russian Brute

Date of Birth:

July 12th, 1984

Date of Death:

February 19th, 2012 (Revived)


Field Medic, Tank Commander, Super Commando


Global Defense Initiative




Minsk, Belarus, Earth 1

I break your bones like I break stick. Like SNAP.
Dmitri May̆kl Volishinov is a Ukrainian-Russian soldier, and was the most popular member of the RSAD. He is the best known medic in the world, and as such, is always with RedStar wherever he goes. He is incredibly dedicated to helping the injured and always performs to the best of his ability. He does not mind their complaints, saying that "It's a natural reaction, it can't be helped that the person complains about injury." He hates losing patients, and can be saddened by a patients death for about 5 minutes - 3 hours (though this manifests as blind fury). He usually takes an RPD Light Machine Gun into battles, as well as an RPG-7. His visor is a distinctive red, as other RSAD members have black visors, and Volishinov wears a medics RSAD helmet. His visor makes him look like it can shoot a large laser beam, but he has confirmed that it does not shoot any lasers at the moment. He refuses to take orders from anyone except for RedStar himself. RedStar reports that Dmitri is a well built pale man, but just as brutal in his armour as out. He is a Super Commando, the only one of his kind, capable of things even normal commandos aren't capable of, tearing vehicles apart with his hands, similar to Yuri Brutes.

He assumed control of the Global Defense Initiative in November 2013 when RedStar and EASlol were captured during the CLPA invasion of Earth 2. He became vice leader of the GDI following EASlol's departure to form the CAD, and was in this position until GDI collapsed in January 2015. He also lead the USSR in RedStars absence between November 2014 and February 2015. Today, he leads RedStar's personal Black Guard.

For his overwhelming dedication to the USSR, and for unending service to the USSR, the GDI, and RedStar himself, Dmitri, along with Nikolai, has a statue of himself outside the Kremlin commissioned by RedStar.

Dmitri left the USSR following its dissolution, going onto become a member of a global mercenary group, which sees his military prowess at least fail to go to waste.

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