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Drew Pickles Reads Funny Windows Errors is an upcoming series by thetick532 to serve as a spiritual successor to his cancelled FWE series. The series will involve around Drew Pickles taking Microsoft Sam's place in the error reading.


Microsoft Sam along with Mike, Mary, and Scotty leave for a world sign reading tour and they decided to leave Drew Pickles in charge of the error series as he'd cause less trouble than Bacon. Afterward, Drew calls over a few of his friends to help shape the seires into his own likeness. Things go smoothly until the NSA threatens to shut down production as their original series is deemed too obscene by them. Drew and his friends agree to make their series more tame in exchange for having the series air on NSA America. After that, the gang set forth on their error reading adventures.




  • Robosoft 2 and 5 - The Devil and She Devil
  • Mike in Space - God 
  • Robosoft 3 - ROFL Robot
  • Speakonia Male 1 - Stu Pickles

Difference from other Drew Pickles videos

Unlike other Drew videos; this series will not be focused around inappropriate subjects, but rather the adjustment of Drew and his friends to a more tame video structure.

Error Request Policy

Unlike in the previous series, Error requests can only be made through the comment section of a special error requesting video that will be uploaded after the series preimere. Also, not all errors will be accepted and anyone who complains about not having their error accepted will have their comment removed and risks being barred from requesting errors for the rest of the season.

Episode Guide

Season 1

1. A Swell Beginning (TBA 2016)

2. The Establishment (TBA)

3. The Third One (TBA)

4. Bad Things Are Bad (TBA)

5. Bye Bye Badie! (TBA)

Easter Egg

Every episode will have a hidden annotation that leads to an unlisted gag video involving the Homestar Runner charachter Homsar.

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