Drewish Australia is a puppet state of Drew Land.


In 2011, a Drew Landian soldier by the name of DJSwell69 invaded and conquered Earth 3.1's Australia. He then molded his new territory in the swell image of Drew Pickles and Betty DeVille. By 2013, he already founded an Australian branch of the Barney Bunch and Betty Bunch. On June 2nd 2013, DJSwell69 and Drew Pickles launched Operation Swell Pacific where the armies of Drew Land and Drewish Australia invaded and conquered New Zealand, Fiji, and several small Pacific islands. After the successful conquest mission, all of the conquered territories were annexed to Drewish Australia, making it a world power.


By 2020, they plan to have an alliance with LOL-LOL Land, Daxland, and Molossia.

Notable People

  • Blinky Bill
  • Danny Dingo
  • Greg Paige
  • Jazz Croc
  • Billy the Aboriginal
  • Dot
  • Rodney Perfek
  • Vincent Q
  • Professor Quiggley Q
  • Rocket
  • Gloria Nit
  • Notta Nit
  • Jaz Mitchel
  • Brian the Crocadile
  • Rainbow Love Stoned
  • The Duckys
  • Johnny Legend

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