Johnny chillin' out with his pistol.

Drill Sergeant Johnson was the last 5 Star General of the Minecraftian Military before the collapse of the nation. He is a retired soldier from the AAKAW, and went on to lead the Minecraftian armies.

Sadly, he died of blood loss in the Czech Republic after an attempt on Commander Ubuntux's life went bad. While sniping with Stacker and EASlol, a bomb planted by Ubuntux detonated, badly injuring him, as well as impaling him with debris. He died a few minutes later, informing EASlol that Stacker knew Ubuntux seconds before his passing.

Johnson was mourned by EmergencyRanger88, Pieboy6000, Tactic Advisor Nikolai, Admiral Kittz (who was pretty close to him), Natesworld2k, and EASlol, who was the most upset over his death.

After the Battle for Lollogramia, Johnson suddenly came back to life along with Pieboy and Volish, much to the happiness of his comrades. He later became the leader of Austria, turning the nation into a socialist republic before resigning shortly after.

He joined the 2016 Minecraftian Revolution and helped the nation come free of its tyrannical ruler. After this, he returned to the USSR alongside Premier Redstar, where he now serves as a Drill Sergeant for the Russian Special Armored Division.

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