The DAU, or Ducky's AU, is the TTS world of BitchDuck. While Ducky claims it to be a separate branch of the Earth 2 storyline, there are enough differences to judge it as it's own world entirely.

The DAU (Ducky's AU)



Main Location

Earth 2.5

Series featured in

None that have aired.

Differences of the DAU

The DAU has several differences from any "well-known" storyline, such as:

  • Portrayal of the characters
    • In the hopes of welcoming more equality into the TTS worlds, several characters happen to be in LGBT relationships or other things seen more commonly in today's time. One character in particular is Mike, who is portrayed as genderfluid in the DAU. Though he still uses masculine pronouns, he also has days where he feels much more feminine.
  • Certain locations
    • The DAU takes place mostly in Kanto, but with extra locations not seen in the Earth 2 version of Kanto, such as Duck Studios, the THEM Shop, Sparklewolf and Hedgecat's Crafting Zone, and other various locations. Occasioonally, other worlds will be shown, such as the Kingdom of Ferin.
  • Unique relationships
    • None of the relationships that each character in the DAU had in other worlds carried over. A notable example of this is Scotty and Anna, who are twins in the DAU.

Series planned to use the DAU

  • No One Like Us (Shorts based on the DAU cast. To be worked on)
  • 860 (Backstory to a character who accidentially became really relevant)
  • Fwinders (a "Safety Net" of sorts)


  • Project Take Two is not part of the main DAU, but shares DAU characteristics.
  • The DAU was originally to be called the SKAU, but following Ducky's total renaming, this too was changed.
  • Ducky loves the DAU with all of their heart, but also has a small fear that some of the AU's contents will be a bit much for others to handle. Though, they have disregarded this fear as it is their world, after all.
  • The DAU most likely has the most diverseness amongst the TTS voices.

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