Here comes the Eternal Stranger / He who has fallen from grace, to the iron grounds...
- "Days Full of Wonder (Alphaville), E.S. Merelda's Note Song

Eternal Stranger Merelda, aka E.S. Merelda or Essy, is a character in The DAU.

E.S. Merelda
E.S. Merelda, The Eternal Stranger




None; shapeshifts when needed

Note Squad

AlphaNotes (Team: Dreamers)


16 (Recording age), 20 (Appearance Age)


The Notes, Ducky


Any enemy of the Notes or Ducky


Celedon City, Kanto (DAU), Duck Studio (PTT)

Note Skills

Shape-shifting, general Ferin abilities


Created on Ferin, E.S. Merelda is commonly regarded as being a strong entity wherever they are. Being a Note, they're one of the strongest Notes to exist, being classified as both an AlphaNote and a PowerNote. Due to unfortunate occurances on Ferin, they were sent into exile, forced to live on Earth 2.5. However, they grew to prefer Earth 2.5 over Ferin, stating that "It's better here. Less oppressive."

These days, they've been welcomed back to Ferin, but prefer to stay on Earth 2.5 with their friends and siblings Jet, Melody, and Paradigm.

In the DAU

In the DAU, they live in Celedon City with Jet, Melody, and Paradigm. Despite being genderless, they've found themselves having crushes on several people. They work with Ducky and their team, and they're best friends with Mike. They're often seen at certain festivals around Kanto, and occasionally doing spywork for Ducky (utilising their shape-shifting abilities).

They are the significant other of AT and his Master form, Chronkuro (aka Chronana), even if AT lives in London.

The relationship between the two, while often riddled with useless arguments and often times, silly situations, is strong. When they're not arguing over useless stuff, they look out for one another, and are very rarely seen without each other.

In Project Take Two

In Project Take Two, they're a newcomer to the Duck Studio team, and are commonly seen cracking jokes alongside Ducky. It is unknown where they live, but it is known that it is somewhere in town. Introduced in Episode 2.`


  • They have two known aliases: Daisy Doris and Esmerelda.
  • Thanks to their shape-shifting abilities, they are also able to mimic most voices perfectly.
  • They're a bit of a trickster.
  • They're a rare instance of a Note that has gotten together with another Ferin being (of a higher rank than them).
  • They're one of Ducky's favorite OCs, next to Cas and Zed.
  • They are always voiced by Ducky.

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