The EASlol Tower as seen from The streets of Lolcraftia before its destruction in March 2016

The EASlol Tower was a tower located In the Republic of Minecraft. It served as the home of EASlol and his government officials along with his family until its destruction in March 2016.

  • Floor 1: Welcome Area
  • Floors 2-15: Offices and Workplaces
  • Floor 16: War Room
  • Floor 17: Courtroom of Minecraftian Law
  • Floors 18-25: Prisoner Area's
  • Floor 26: Vice Leader Anichik's Office
  • Floor 27: Murder Row (Death Row)
  • Floor 28:  Thalaron Core Zone
  • Floors 29-35: Meeting Rooms
  • Floor 36: Lawmakers House
  • Floor 37: EASlol's Office
  • Floor 38: EASlol's Suite

The Tower's Features


The Alarm/Siren which can be heard from all over Lolcraftia is only activated when the threat of civil danger is imminent. In such an event, the tower locks down and anyone on the streets of Lolcraftia is ordered to seek immediate shelter.
The Tower's Connecting and Alarm Process01:50

The Tower's Connecting and Alarm Process

Thalaron Core

The Thalaron Core is a core composed of Thalaron Energy produced from a crystal to power and protect the EASlol Tower. It is located on the twenty-eighth Floor of the EASlol tower and is heavily guarded by Elite Minecraftian Forces and Scientists.  
Thalaron Core

The Thalaron Core


On 5 March 2016, the Imperialist suddenly appeared in the airspace above the Republic of Minecraft. The warship targeted the EASlol Tower for destruction.

The warship first fired its ion cannon. Residents in the EASlol Tower stopped as all power systems abruptly failed. As curious residents pondered what would suddenly cripple the electricity, they suddenly looked up into the sky to see a massive, supercharged ball of plasma energy plowing towards the tower, fired from the lower cannon of the Imperialist. The citizens used their final breaths to scream in horror, perhaps in response to their imminent deaths, but more more likely in response to the imminent demise of the Republic of Minecraft.

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