"Earth 2 International News, Bringing the best and worst of global news" - Harold Lolston, Anchor for the news network

Earth 2 Headlines

Top Stories

MINECRAFT POPULATION EXPLOSION - The Republic Of Minecraft Recently had a massive Population explosion increasing its population up to 275,000 and massivly recruiting more soldiers, President EASlol expressed his pleasure with this explosion and hopes that it continues to restore his country back into Pre-Downfall State.

MINECRAFT NEW VICE PRESIDENT - Dimitri Karkhov took office as Vice President of Minecraft today due to the elections, Karkhov was once russian but wanted to come and lead in Minecraft. EASlol himself swore Karkhov into office and the minecraftian people will hope that this new vice president will lead their country strong as the previous one, Natesworld2k.

Other Stories

MINECRAFTIAN MASS RECRUITMENT OF SOLDIERS - Minecraft has been mass recruiting soldiers to replenish its supply of lost soldiers due to Operation Downfall and losses from wars, These soldiers are being trained to be apart of The Red Army and The Red Navy. President EASlol declared in a speech "We are all fighting to keep peace to our planet, even if you are not wielding a weapon, you are fighting the war"

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