EmergencyRanger's Red Army of Tetrana was the most elite military force of Tetrana. EmergencyRanger88 created this elite army up in 2007, after Ho Chi-LOL was assassinated. They were the guards of the EmergencyRanger Tower. A Special Force of the ERRA, The EmergencyRanger Red Army Space Division, guarded the EmergencyRanger88 Space Station.They were the 2nd Most Elite Force on Earth 2 (which place is now taken by the MRA), beaten only by the PSAS (though the PSAS are much stronger and much more powerful due to USSR military secrets). In 2012 however, the ERRA were split up between the Pieboy Special Armed Service and The Army of Adorable Kittens with Awesome Weapons after the leaders of the PSAS and the AAKAW had issues with ER88.

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