The EmergencyRanger Tower was a tower that was claimed to be the tallest in the world, but actually turned out to be 3/4 it's original size amusingly. It was destroyed by a joint Canaderpian-Russian-Roflican-Loldonesian Task Force on September 8th, 2012 in Edmontroll, much to the joy of the Canaderpians.


See The Battle for the emergencyranger tower And The Second Battle for the Emergencyranger Tower

Assault on the tower

On September 8th, 2012, EmergencyRanger88 was forced out of power by a Russian-Tetranese Coup d'Etat because of his constant threats to attack, causing him to flee to his tower in Edmontroll, Canaderp. His jet was tracked flying across the Lolring Strait, over Alolska and into Edmontroll, where he hid in his tower. With the knowledge that he would continue threatening people with attack, a task force consisting of Russian, Canaderpian, Loldonesian, and Roflican troops were assembled and sent to Edmontroll. The police force in the area shut the area down to keep civilians from getting harmed. The attack was overwatched by Thunderbirds101, Natesworld2k, Pieboy6000 and Jared Roflman. The Task Force got through the tower very easily, as the ERRA had basically dispersed by this point. With the tower cleared of everyone but ER88, the soldiers went up to his quarters, where they found him with a gun. He was quickly and easily apprehended, and was arrested for attempting to instigate wars constantly, as well as several other charges, that landed him in jail for life. He was placed in a reinforced cell that is basically impenetrable.

Later, he was taken to the very north of the USSR, and pushed out into the Lolcific in a shoddy boat. He was never seen again, but returned as a man named Shadowfrost. He responded by murdering the members of the task force and throwing their bodies in the sea. He was never caught.

Eventually, the site of the tower was used to build the Tower of Love.

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