The emblem of the Ex-CLPA


Estimated early-mid 2012, end of the Great Final War


1 - 2 Million


At War with the Reapers


Commander Linubuntux

The Ex-CLPA are a spacefaring group of around one to two million penguins who settled on Reqistalio after the Great Final War. After the Supreme AI and her armies were defeated at the end of the Great Final War, the remaining survivors of the CLPA disbanded and formed a new group named the "Ex-CLPA". Instead of moving around conquering people galaxywide, they sought to help non-spacefaring civilisations reach their level of technology. They were prepared to help Earth 2, but ended up not having too when the USSR discovered FTL travel.

They supported many civilisations on their way to space travel, and met the "most competant" race on Reqistalio in the Southwest Arm. The race was the Draxifarthans, who the Ex-CLPA taught the most in FTL travel and combat. This led to a strong alliance between the two, however the relationship was pushed to it's limits in September of 2012, and a war broke out.

The Ex-CLPA and the Draxifarthans have been fighting since, both sides searching for a peacemaker to end the war in their favour.

The Ex-CLPA are lead by Commander Linubuntux, the supreme commander of the Ex-CLPA forces and civilians. Unlike his late brother, Commander Ubuntux, Linubuntux is more for peace, and wishes to try and end the war between his kind and the Draxifarthans peacefully.

While the Galactic War was cancelled and subsequently retconned, it can be assumed that forces did detach from the CLPA throughout the course of the original war trilogy. However it is likely their numbers would never have been high enough to form an army of this caliber, as they likely would've been converted back by Tsiklon, or simply executed.

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