The Froflance International Space Station (Often abbrieviated to FRISS) is a space station high above Earth 2, sent up on October 7th 2011. It contacts and can be contacted by other space stations and signals from Earth 2, effectively being the Froflance's interplanetery communications channel, however all other calls are instantly overrided by the RoryTheRetroKid Tower if it contacts the Station. It is run by LOLpoleon LOLnaparte, the leader of the Froflance. No one but members of the Froflance or VIP's are allowed here. Manned space vehicles are deployed from here and usually come back to the station. There is currently 1000 people occupying the space station at the moment. It does contain a Orbital ROFL Laser and a ROFLNuke, however it does have defense turrets and space fighters aboard. The fighters are capabale of in-atmosphere and out-of-atmosphere combat. As of November 30th, explosive cannons have been put on the station so it can defend itself, aswell as an Orbital ROFL Laser. A backup generator runs inside the station, however isn't very powerful and can only provide dim lighting and the red alarm lights. It is in 5.9 km of KFCStudiosTV Space Station.
Froflance ISS

The Froflance International Space Station. YES, it has been constructed in August 1st 1997.


  • Parterre - The LOLpoleon LOLnaparte's HQ and a Orbital ROFL Laser Launch Room.
  • Floor 1 - The EASgirl88's House, The Cinema Room and a United LOLs of ROFLica Control Room.
  • Floor 2 - The Playground room, With VIP doors, The Domingo0022's House.
  • Floor 3 - The KFCStudiosTV Studio Room, The Vladimir Makarov HQ.
  • Floor 4 - The Anti-iLucifer Room, The KFC Restaurant Room.
  • Floor 5 - A room that you can make a celebration, And a YouTube video Room.

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