Federation Starships, are large starships made by Minecraftian Scientists. They have 4 classes and powerful weapons, and most range in 2 miles wide and 3 miles long, But the Defiant class starship is 500 KM long and 600 KM Wide.

Classes of Starships

Sovereign Class

The Sovereign Class starship is the most powerful of the four classes,
Posessing transphasic torpedoes which are able to destroy a small CLPA ship in 5-6 sucessful hits.

Defiant Class

Defiant class, Armada II
Defiant class is the smallest ship. It is eqiupped with Quantum Torpedoes and Mk.6 Lasers.

Excelsior Class

Excelsior classes are the typical and common of ships, they explore unkown areas of the galaxy
Excelsior class

Galaxy Class

Galaxy classes are the largest of the four classes, but lack in weapons and mobility due to its massive size, They are mostly used as a warship.

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