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Firebirds101 is a text-to-speech video creator who joined the YouTube business back in December 2009. At first, Firebirds101 could not release any Speakonia-related videos because of claiming to have a Windows Vista laptop which would not allow the downloading of Speakonia. His first video, "Microsoft Sam gets an Ipod touch!", was created on the laptop's predecessor, and released upon the accounts creation. Four months after the release of "Microsoft Sam gets an Ipod touch!", he came out with a speakonia video which firstly introduced a character which was obscure at the time-the Firebirds101 Director. The video addressed the public, announcing that he has acquired a new Windows 7 operating system which will allow further production of Speakonia videos. For a time, however, Firebirds101's majority of videos stuck with gaming videos and commentaries. Eventually, on April 11, 2010, "Microsoft Sam reads retarded windows errors episode 1" was released (not to be confused with KFCStudiosTV's series with a similar name). It was formerly known as "Microsoft Sam reads retarded windows errors season 1, episode 1" until Firebirds101 realized that he could not fit the entire storyline into one season due to lack of time. In the first episode, an operating system known as "Windows Evil" was installed on Sam's computer and proceeded to torture him. Until the third episode, it is unclear as to where this operating system came from and who is responsible for its creation. Next in line came "The Death of Unchi1999", a hate video which was entered into Fanrulesvistasucks' Unchi hate video contest. Over the course of a year-and-a-half, Firebirds101 released many videos. Some videos were further dedicated to Speakonia, but overall he had strayed away from the TTS universe, and began to create simpler videos at a less frequent rate. Around nine months after the Halloween special was released, Firebirds101 made a significant comeback to the TTS universe by making Microsoft Sam reads retarded windows errors episode 7 which extended to a length of nineteen minutes. On August 23, 2011, a video was released strongly suggesting that he will return to the TTS universe and Speakonia. This video was strongly opposed by those who enjoyed his gaming videos, but Firebirds101 still wishes to stick with Speakonia videos 90% of the time.


Before Firebirds101 made his account, he actually

Small notification that Lightningbirds101 was indeed his former account.

had gone through another one which was created somewhere in June 2009. Lightningbirds101 was hacked and closed in November 2009, and Firebirds101 succeeded it. If you attempt to type in, an error will pop up, saying that this account has been closed, and no longer exists.


Due to the fact that Firebirds101 has not been very attentive to his YouTube account, subscribers have come in at an extremely slow pace. During December 2010-a year after the account was made-he had reached one hundred subscribers.

  • December 21, 2010-100 subscribers achieved

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