About him

FranrulesVistasucks is an autistic TTS video maker who lives in New York State, and specializes in Drew Pickles videos. His account has been closed several months after its creation, but a new one has been made-Mr300milesofswellness

His Angry Side

Besides making Drew Pickles Videos but also makes hate videos on people who make fun of his autism. His most recent hate video was on RVGK. So don't fuck with him!

Success on YouTube

FanrulesVistasucks joined somewhere along the course of January 2010. It took almost no time for him to reach an impressive milestone of two hundred subscribers after around a month on YouTube.

Loss of grandfather

As mentioned in his 100 subscribers video, FranrulesVistasucks' grandfather lost a battle with lung cancer the day the video was uploaded (July 12th).

Drew Pickles

FranrulesVistasucks started making Drew Pickles videos on June 23rd, 2010, and is still making Drew Pickles videos as well as a variety of TTS videos featuring different content.

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