Custom made series card

Fugitive Television is a reboot of Television Escapes the Blue Mointain, which is an original series on YouTube, originally created by davemadson. bluetennant1998, 1stZackAttack and rockhopper736 have made most of the later episodes.

  • GoAnimate Television Proructions Co Ltd Logo Bloopers: Episode 1

Spin-off Episodes by davemadson

These are episodes which are based off of Fugitive Television, but are not part of the series.


  • davemadson (Low Pitched)
  • davemadson (High Pitched) as the Television (Paramount Blue Mountain)
  • Microsoft Sam as the Paramount Boss
  • Microsoft Mike as the 20th Century Fox Boss
  • Microsoft Mary as the Pixar Logo, Lionsgate Logo, Test Pattern (Pocahontas), Columbia Torch Lady, DreamWorks SKG and Television
  • Microsoft Anna as the Stephen J. Cannell Productions Logo
  • TruVoice American English Adult Male #1 (Scotty) as the Disney Logo, NET 1966 Logo, Television (20th Century Fox), Bagdasarian Logo, the PBS 1984 Boss, The Annenberg/CBP Project Logo, Worldvision Enterprises, Inc. Radar Globe and Blue Mountain (more alternative than Speakonia Male 3)
  • TruVoice American English Adult Male #2 (Jimmy) as the NBC News Logo, PBS 1971 Logo, Westinghouse Logo, CBS Logo, Rankin-Bass Logo, and Williams Street Logo
  • TruVoice American English Adult Male #3 (Hank) as the Viacom Pinball Logo, The NBC Peacock, Westinghouse caption, Insurge Productions Logo, Blue Mountain (alternative), and CBS Special Logo
  • TruVoice American English Adult Male #4 (Douglas) as the Starry Night Productions Logo, and Alan Lansburg Productions Clapperboard
  • TruVoice American English Adult Male #7 as the Warner Bros. Television Logo and CTW Spark
  • TruVoice American English Adult Female #1 (Beulah) as the Paramount
  • TruVoice American English Adult Female #2 (Abby) as the Television (Paramount Blue Mountain)
  • RoboSoft #2 as the Viacom V of Doom, and the Devil
  • RoboSoft #3 as the Blue Mountain
  • L&H British English Adult Male (Michael) as the RKO Radio Pictures Logo
  • L&H British English Adult Female (Michelle) as the Hanna-Barbera 1968 Logo
  • Microsoft Mike as Goanimate television productions co ltd ident 2
  • RoboSoft #5 as LBS 1976 Logo

Assembled by davemadson, bluetennant1998, 1stZackAttack an rockhopper736.

davemadson: Made with Windows Movie Maker, MS Paint, Corel PaintShop Pro X3, Audacity, and Speakonia.

bluetennant1998: Made with Windows Vista Movie Maker, MS Paint, and Speakonia.

1stZackAttack: Windows Movie Maker, Paint.NET and Speakonia.


Special Thanks (davemadson)

  • cartoonwoody/Mamon Fighter 761 (for 1977 Paramount Television logo with the current Viacom byline)
  • bluetennant1998
  • lukesams3