Funny Signs (Jonathan Franco-Martin)


The Microsoft voices, the Speakonia voices, and LH voices


6 as of May 17, 2017




April 13, 2017 - present

inspired by


Funny Signs (Jonathan Franco-Martin) is a series inspired by davemadson, has only 6 episodes, and 1 season. He started the series on April 13, 2017 and was only made to take the spot of LTIB since none were for a while. He then continued making Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers videos and abandoned Funny Signs for a long time. He then continued Funny Signs and it might be a oftenly posted series.


Microsoft Sam as himself and Evil Sam

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary

Speakonia Male 1 as Jonathan and Scotty

Speakonia Male 2 as Jimmy

Speakonia Male 4 as Gerald the White (Old Voice)

Speakonia Male 5 as Gerald the White (episode 6 - present)

Speakonia Female 1 as Beulah

Speakonia Female 2 as Abby

RoboSoft 1 as the sound of Sam barfing

RoboSoft 2 as Lucifer, the sound of Mary Barfing (Old) and Jonathan barfing

RoboSoft 3

RoboSoft 4 as Rhonda Raven, Rhonda Kelley and Angela the Angel

RoboSoft 5 as Lucretia and Mary barfing

Mike in Hall

Mike in Space as God

Brett Ambler as the Kazoo Kid




  1. Don't Touch This Sign!
  2. Open 24 Hours
  3. No Target Shooting!
  4. No Signs Allowed!
  5. Exit 329 Closed!
  6. Low Cost Men

Made with

  • Windows 7 Movie Maker
  • Balabolka
  • Bandicam

Signs from

  • dumpaday,com

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