GDI Commandos were among some of the strongest soldiers on Earth 2. Usually armed with Jumpjets, C4, Special Pulse Rifles and months of rigorous training, they were usually fearless, cocky, and more powerful than even the RSAD. They could tear through infantry very quickly and could destroy the legs of most Walker vehicles and almost all structures with a single C4 charge, though many more were required for bigger walkers. However, against anti-infantry forces, GDI Commandos could be quickly overcome if they did not escape from danger in time, and could be overcome by non-walker vehicles if they weren't close enough to attach C4.

Specialised versions of these Commandos existed (and still exist in the USSRs cases), some utilise heavy weapons (Known as Heavy Commandos), some are more trained in hand to hand (Melee Commandos), some utilise portable Chronospheres (Chrono Commandos), and very few (Including Pieboy6000) use all three of these. RSAD soldiers who underwent Commando training successfully were known as "Super Commandos." Only three ever passed training, and only one still operates, that being Dmitri May̆kl Volishinov.

With GDIs shutdown, these Commandos quickly found their way back into their nations armed forces as spec ops troopers.

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