The Kodiak beginning to ascend to the upper atmosphere from outer Egypt, March 17 2014

The GDI Kodiak MkII, or simply the Kodiak, was GDI's main mobile command shuttle. It is a giant VTOL armed with a small laser cannon on the bottom side, and vast amount of Anti-Air railguns and missiles on the upper side of the ship.

It is extremely powerful and capable of taking down a large amount of hostiles without trouble. However it is still vulnerable to anti air forces and has been shot down in its operational history. Despite this, it is a reliable vehicle and even has orbital transport capability.

In the event of an extreme crash that renders the Kodiak completely inoperable and vulnerable to losing information to enemy forces by infiltration, the Kodiak will overload its engines and cause a small nuclear explosion of roughly 500 kilotons.

The Kodiak was destroyed during the Scrin invasion of Alaska in the Fourth Tiberium War, November 2014. The replacement was dispatched in time for the finally assault on Threshold-19, where it shot down a Scrin Ship threatening Sam, Kane and Pieboy, deploying a Mastodon in the process.

Following GDIs collapse, the USSR kept hold of the Kodiak, modifying it for spaceflight, and switching out its ion cannon (which no longer functioned) for a highly powerful laser cannon. It is now used as a mass military transportation and fire support vessel.

After the dissolution of the USSR, the Kodiak was destroyed as it approached the Pieboy tower, firing its laser cannon to full power, but before it could fire, the Imperialist opened fire with its super destructive weapon, levelling Vancouver and annihilating the Kodiak.

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