gameyguy123 (Internet name: gamelover101) is an active amateur YouTube video maker. He has no intentions of making famous videos, only doing so in his spare time. He joined in January 8th, 2010, his first video being published only four days later. Text to speech shares about half of his interest, but there has been low continuity between the videos (mostly from oldest to newest). He does not share any information about his personal life, except for the fact that he lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Gameyguy123 logo

The current logo: OVERdrive Videos

Channel Information

gameyguy123 originally started his channel as the simple Gamelover101Presents. This has had a few other nicknames (GL101 Presents, etc). In November 11th, 2011, he changed the channel name to OVERdrive Videos, including a channel revamp. He is planning to make make a comeback including a new intro.

Below is the channel history section found on his YouTube channel (last copied Nov. 17, 2011)

---Some pieces of channel history---
Note: Intro dates are based on video dates, not the actual creation dates

Creation: January 8th 2010, as said above.
First Video: (Micrsooft Sam vs. Microsoft Paul) January 12th, 2010
First Intro (Blank Title Clip): January 12th, 2010 to Feburary 2010
Theme (Gamelover101 Presents): Mid-January 2011 to December 2010; November 11th, 2011 to Present
Alt Creation: October 10th, 2010
Intro (GL101 Presents) Feburary 6th, 2011 to March 12th, 2011
Intro (Waves & Sam): April 3rd, 2010 to Current (September 1st, 2011)
Theme (Gamelover101 Christmas) December 2010 to November 11th, 2011*
Theme (OVERdrive Videos, alt unaffected): November 13th, 2011 to present

*This one was only a simple change in the avatar (christmas colours), that lasted way longer than expected cuz I forgot to change it back. It also ended at 11/11/11, odd date much? :P

YouTube Videos

Beginning (Account Creation to November 2011)

gameyguy's videos come and go. He rarely makes many videos, but his notable TTS series were:

He has also made a few event videos (Chi Fan Chinese Restaurant, Microsoft Paul, etc). gameyguy has also made a few tech related videos, based on Microsoft Windows. These haven't had much popularity, gameyguy pretty much abandoned them too.

His greatest work has reached 12000+ views (as of Apr 2012), and that is the Microsoft Voices TTS crossover series (link). He had no intentions for this either. He has the whole series completed.

OVERdrive Videos (November 2011-March 2012)

Currently, he seems to have taken a fresh start. There is a channel revamp, new intro, and everything is now branded under OVERdrive Videos. Microsoft Sam reads Epic Errors has taken a reboot, with a new plot line and is organized into seasons.

Season 1 of Epic Errors has already been finished. Season 2 will be broadcast in March 2012, according to gameyguy.

According to an announcement, he has planned to stop making TTS Videos again. He claims that he has lost his passion, and has moved on to making YTPs and Tech Videos (hiatus).

Youtube Poops and OVERdrive Tech Videos (March 2012-Present)

After finding a working copy of Sony Vegas Pro, gamelover101 has moved on to making YouTube Poops. He says he finds it 'amusing' and 'funny'. Tech videos are in the production too, branded as a subdivision: OVERdrive Tech Videos.


  • As of April 2012, he only has 50 subscribers. He isn't aiming for much. :P
  • He has joined mainly 2 other communities (one partially based on Wikia), to be written in his Wikian User Page.
  • His YouTube channel was originally set to be under the name 'gamelover101', but that name was taken.
  • He uses Camtasia Studio 7 for his video editing, Speakonia, Audacity, and a few other tools when needed. Update: He started using Sony Vegas as his main video editor from March 2012 onwards.
  • He has two computers, one running Windows XP, one running Windows 7. There are a few virtual machines installed on both computers as well.
  • gameyguy123 has an alt account: gameyguy123alt (no caps).
  • gameyguy does not take part in any of the Earth 2 events, except for one brief mentioning of the United LOLs of ROFLica.

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