General Witherskel

General Witherskel; typical Wither Skeleton commander in a business suit

General Witherskel was a loyal servant of Mager Whiz-ard. In Season 2 Episode 19 of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft, he was given the task to use a great portion of the Wither Skeletons in the Wither Army to wipe out Microsoft Sam and Co.. In order to do so, he went to the Nether and left a bunch of them rallying around the Nether portal at Sam's house. As soon as the gang got into the Nether, they were killing off a trail of Wither Skeletons, causing Witherskel to halt them. During an chase-enduring fight, Sam grabs Soul Sand while the rest of the gang distracts him and his Wither Skeletons to give Sam an advantage. Pissed off about the theft of Soul Sand, General Witherskel chases Sam around with his shotgun, missing the target every time he shoots. His Wither Skeletons spread fragments of the Wither Virus into Mike's processor, but the effects remained dormant until Season 3 Episode 1. After Witherskel corners Sam, however, he gets killed by Mike for giving them wounds.

General Witherskel


General Blackskel

Servant of

Mager Whiz-ard



Speakonia Voice

Adult Male #2 (American English)

Season 6

Witherskel was resurrected by Lucow Fozerrit in Season 6 Episode 9 of Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft.

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