This article is about the country in Asia; for the state in the United States of America, see Georgia (United States Of America)

LOLgia (Country of LOLsia)
The Georgian Flag (Asia).


Georgian (Official), Russian


United Speakonian Soviet Republic



Free or Conquered or Occupied:

Conquered by the USSR, under USSR political control



Georgia was a country that borders the United Speakonian Soviet Republic to the north, Azerbaijan to the southeast, Turkey and Armenia to the south, and the Black Sea to the west. It is considered to be located in both western Asia and eastern Europe.

There was ongoing tensions between the Georgian government and the USSR government over the past few years. However, on January 31, 2012, the USSR declared war on Georgia after five USSR passenger jets were shot down as they flew over T'bilisi.

The war raged on until February 6, when the fatigued Georgian soldiers began turning on their commanders and defecting to the USSR. With the help of the defects, the USSR captured T'bilisi. The USSR gained political control over Georgia, and Georgian soldiers were allowed into the USSR-Georgian military branch. The country was annexed afterwards.

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