Legion standing within the maintenance shafts of the USSR Ruiner during a Reaper troop incursion, November 2012

{Not To Be confused with MovieGuruThe's Legion}

Geth Unit 271 (otherwise known as Legion) is one of the most advanced forms of Geth created by the Russians. Like all other Geth, it refers to itself as "this unit" or "we" when talking about itself.

Legion usually carries an experimental Geth pulse rifle, however an experimental Geth sniper rifle is also carried by Legion when stealth is required. It is one of the better snipers of the USSR, beaten by very few.

Legion runs on it's own sub-network, an isolated part of the original network. It and a few other geth have their own sub-networks for the purpose of learning things about firearms that other Geth should not know or do not need to know.

Legion fires pretty slowly, however it's aim makes up for it's rate of fire, being very accurate with his pulse rifle. During recent training, it now fires at a similar speed to humans.

Legion accompanies Pieboy on operations like Volish and Nikolai do.

It was made a Geth Infiltrator on August 30th, 2012, allowing him to become an assassin of sorts.

Legion died on September 20th, 2012, after uploading reaper code to the Geth Consensus. The reaper code gave Legion individuality, letting it refer to itself in first person. Legion died after a copying error occurred. Legion sacrificed himself to give the rest of the Geth individuality and true intelligence, and his sacrifice was honoured by all Geth.

Legion was revived on October 1st, 2012 at 2:26am GMT+1.

Legion, along with Hero and the rest of the Geth, stormed and took over some of the USSR's Lolropean territory, forming The Geth Union. He went on to lead this nation into conquering the USSR in an event shocking many worldwide.

Legion was killed by his creator, Pieboy6000 on July 1, 2013. Pieboy regretted killing him, but realised that there was no way to convince Legion to hand back the USSR and that his death was a requirement in bring the former nation back.

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