Gold is a character created by Thunderbirds101. He has an obsession with gold, often rambling about gold just as Bacon rambles about bacon. In fact, if an error/sign/etc. appears gold or is made out of gold, he will ramble even more and steal the object. He first appeared in the commercial for Highway Cookies. Like Bacon, he is mentally unstable. However, if Bacon and Gold get together on an error/sign/etc. they will work together to annoy Sam. 



Alternate universes

  • In AceOfSpadesProduc100's universe, Gold is Silver, Bronze, and Platinum's brother, and Bacon's distant cousin. He was born from the same lair as his brothers named after minerals (Silver, Bronze, and Platinum). Over a million years ago they (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum) were born after a meteor landed in a mineral-rich cave. The radiation from Space that meteor emitted put chunks of mineral entities to life as humanshape forms, thus making their bodies much harder than bone. And Bacon was born in a McDonald's restaurant after accidentally-spilled chemicals put combined meat ingredients into one living humanshape lifeform. Side-effects from the radioactive chemicals made him permanently crave for strips of bacon.
  • In the ShelltoonTV1 universe, Gold is an antagonist running against Bacon and Scotty for the Unitled Lols of Roflica presidency in 2016. Gold is throwing his hat into the election because his beef with Bacon is very personal after the 2010 midterm election when he lost to Bacon. Gold's plan is to turn the entire populace into a labor state where everybody will produce golden highway cookies, and make it the only food stuffs in the United Lols of Roflica.
  • In Joshua Rocha's universe, Gold steals errors with the word "gold" in them, just like Bacon when he steals errors that contain the word "bacon" in them.
  • In the NTEXTtospeech Universe, Gold is Bacon's Friends. Always disturb Microsoft Sam while he doing something, like reading an error, a signs, and Maybe News.
  • In the Weatherstar4000video universe, Gold appeared in episode 5 of Microsoft Gang Reads Random Windows Errors episode 5 as a one-shot character, he appeared to advertise “Windows 10 Gold Edition” saying if they upgraded to Windows 10 Gold Edition, they would get new PC games, new 3D Backrounds, and more, and told the Microsoft Gang to get it for 100$.

Notable Appearances

In the Thunderbirds101 universe, Sam had an error that had gold spilled all over it, and Gold appeared and rambled, at which point Sam said his famous profanity line.

Concepts of Gold

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