A Grammar Seizure is where a Text-to-speech voice reads a sentence or word that is atrociously misspelled, and nearly crashes due to their intelligence level lowering.


  • Victim suddenly shouts gibberish while maintaining a state of consciousness.
  • Victims are known to curse uncontrollably.

Known Victims


  • The Grammar Seizure was created by Supermariogeek7979.
  • Although not considered a "virus", a Grammar Seizure can start with just a misspelled word.
  • A Grammar Seizure is not fatal, and has never seriously injured anyone.
  • Robots are very weak against a Grammar Seizure. This exploitation has lead to the creation of weaponry which causes Grammar Seizures.
  • Some robots that are mune to this seizure range from; Information Robots, ROFL Robots, Tux Clones and even non-sentient machines such as computers or harddrives.

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