Grand Theft Speakonia
Grand Theft Speakonia
The Speakonian Connection

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Grand Theft Speakonia was a cancelled series that was to be made by Pieboy6000, based off the events of Grand Theft Auto 4. It was to only use storyline missions, and at the end would have used use the "revenge" storyline, though he might have made a deal version aswell. The trailer was uploaded as a contest entry for Thunderbirds101's thirrd TTS Contest. It was to take place in Speakonia City, an exact copy of Liberty City. The series was cancelled by Pieboy6000, as it was deemed far too complicated, and also boring considering the missions that are in GTA IV (mainly driving).


Despite being a GTA 4 based movie, only the font and music of it were originally from it. The rest was from elsewhere, or made on Pieboy6000's PC. The very very beginning was used in the trailer, just so people knew it was made in MS Paint. Yet, the trailer will be the only thing anyone will see of it, as Pieboy6000 has cancelled the series.

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