Great LOLtain Space Station

The Great LOLtain International Space Station. Yes, we know it looks like the ISS. It is not, however.

The Great LOLtain International Space Station (Abbreviated to GLISS) is a space station owned by AT88TV, leader of Great LOLtain. The space station is around 3,000 miles above Earth 2. No-one but VIPs, and members of Great LOLtain and their allies (e.g, United LOLs of ROFLica, United Speakonian Soviet Republic) are allowed here. It is adjacent to the AT88TV Space Station and often links up to it.

Many world leaders have visited here, such as pieboy6000 of the USSR, Microsoft Sam of the United LOLs of ROFLica and Radar Overseer Scotty of the Republic of My.


  • 700,000 Shoop da Whoop Cannons
  • 10,000,000 LOLtain Infantry
  • 5 Orbital ROFL Lasers
  • 40,000,000 ROFLDaleks

Those are only the main protection weapons. There are loads more on the station.

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