An example of a Grenade Lawn Chair.

Grenade Lawn Chairs are objects with similar properties to Smack Sea Prawns and Highway Cookies. Upon discovery of a Grenade Lawn Chair, the recipient is known to spaz out and eventually crash.


  • A Grenade Lawn Chair appeared in Linux Diarrhanna Reads Stupid Signs. At the end of the video, Linux Diarrhanna was smuggled what was supposedly a Grenade Launcher by one of the Tux Clones imprisoned alongside her; however, it was revealed to be a Grenade Lawn Chair instead, causing her to spaz. It was later shown that Radar Overseer Scotty had detected the original package (because it was hidden inside a fake baloney sandwich) and replaced it with the Lawn Chair.


The mere appearance of a Grenade Lawn Chair when the user is expecting a Grenade Launcher instead is enough to cause one to go insane, spazzing out and shouting gibberish, and eventually crashing and exploding. Using a Grenade Lawn Chair has little to no effect on an enemy, but will backfire and harm the user. An edible version of Grenade Lawn Chairs is rumored to exist; side effects of consuming one of these are similar to those contracted by eating Smack Sea Prawns and/or Highway Cookies. It is unknown whether all three products are created by the same mysterious manufacturer, though their similar properties and uses (replacing desirable items with similarly-named undesirable ones) indicate that this is the case.

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