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Hacker, as he appeared during the ROFL Island Chain War

Hacker was a United Lols of Roflica special operations agent who commanded a team of three operatives, including himself, during the The War in the ROFL Island Chain before joining the Speakonian Rebels in the Great Final War. In the Great Final War, he was shot and killed by Sam after Roflcopter Squad's corruption by Tsiklon.

Military Career

One of Hacker's eyes was destroyed during a prior battle, resulting in him permanently using an an eye visor. The visor used a hacking device to make it function as both an optical assistant, and a data sensor. Thus he earned the name "Hacker."

In battle, Hacker utilized a FAMAS assault rifle.

The ROFL Island Chain War

During Operation Island Liberation, Hacker and two others: the elusive Shadow, and the explosion-obsessed Rooster, investigated the underground mines just as the ULR/USSR neared their victory in the battle.

When they arrived, they noticed Roflopter Squad members Bacon and Taco, alongside Microsoft Mike, who were just awakening from the effects of the Rapid Information Barrage from Mr. Information Robot Mark Five. Hacker brought the three squad members to the surface, and encountered the ROFL Robot when they noticed the USS Roflican Patriot which had touched down recently.

After Operation Downfall, Hacker, Shadow, and Rooster joined Microsoft Sam's squad after it was renamed to The Speakonian Rebels, replacing the casualties and wounded of Roflcopter Squad (Diarrhea, Chainsaw and Radar Overseer Scotty)

The Great Final War

Hacker helped the Speakonian Rebels escape the battle over Earth 2 with his hacking abilities. Later, on Soiturranna, Microsoft Sam ordered Hacker and the other commandos in the Speakonian Rebels to venture to Cryomir with the objective of scouting out Communist Linux Penguin Army operations. Upon arrival, the squad was compromised and cornered by Tsiklon, who used the Troyanet to infect their minds and convert them to members of the Communist Linux Penguin Army.

During his service in the so-called "Highway Squad," Hacker's comrade, Rooster, shot down the Aurora Crystal, a Soiturrannian ship with Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, James Rofl, and the Rofl Robot on board. All survived, so the corrupted squad moved to execute the survivors. Hacker killed James Rofl and demanded Sam come out of the ship to face his fate. However, Sam tossed out an EMP grenade, frying Hacker's eye and electrocuting the corrupt commando's body. As Hacker writhed in agony, Sam killed him with a shot to the head.

Alternate timelines

Hacker is alive in Microsoft Sam and LOL War 1.

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