The Heat Ray on Horsell Common by NikeDorchain

The Heat Ray (not mounted on a machine) firing, showing the effects.

The Heat Ray is an incredibly dangerous weapon created by the martians on Mars. The martians brought these weapons to the USSR in an attempt to take over Earth 2, however they underestimated the strength of the USSR and were defeated and their weapons captured, the USSR declaring they would not sell the weapons.

When the heat ray fires, an orange-red beam is visible, heading straight for it's target. Upon contact with a non-flammable object, it will begin to melt away, flammable objects will burn, and any living things will be set on fire in short bursts and incinerated in seconds in long bursts.

It is regarded as one of the more dangerous non-nuclear weapons on Earth 2. It's not known how this weapon functions or what it's power source is, however the weapon draws up enormous amounts of heat and fires it in a concentrated beam. An underbarrel version is in development in the USSR.