Merciless Aggressor

The Imperialist.

The Imperialist is the personal flagship of United Lols of Roflica leader Thunderbirds101. The warship is based around a secret Communist Linux Penguin Army plan to construct massive warships capable of decimating Earth 2's ships with impunity. On a secret mission to the CLPA-controlled planet Kortraba, three light years from Earth 2, Thunderbirds101 stole the plans for the warship as well as the only prototype.


The entire ship is built around two massive fire-linked cannons. The top cannon is an ion pulse cannon that fires a massive burst of supercharged ionized particles, effectively able to cripple an entire ship's electronic systems permanently. The bottom cannon is a plasma cannon that fires superheated plasma upwards of 100,000 degrees Centigrade, capable of breaching even the strongest of hulls. The Imperialist also has an ability to supercharge the plasma cannon even further to 500,000 degrees Centigrade, and can decimate entire warships with a single blast.

Aside from the cannons, laser cannons are present on the fins of each wing.

Protection-wise, powerful shields protect the entire hull, and the hull itself is made of materials that no torpedoes or missiles can breach.


During the second CLPA war in mid-2013, Thunderbirds101 received intelligence of a deadly CLPA weapon on the planet Kortraba that could threaten Earth 2's spaceships. He undertook a secret mission to the planet, along with several other commando units. In the resulting skirmish, the ULR acquired the plans of a CLPA warship design, and stole the only prototype of the ship. Traveling to Soiturranna, the ship was given a custom paint job and its lower cannon modified to supercharge shots periodically.

Returning to Earth 2, Thunderbirds101 announced his discovery by using the warship, which he called the Imperialist, to destroy a Linux Cruiser with two shots from the ship's cannons.

In 2016, the Imperialist first destroyed the EASlol Tower after the revolution in Minecraft and later destroyed both the Pieboy Tower and the city of Vancouver at the climax of the Vancouver Incident.

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