Jackson Deege is a soldier in the Austroflian military. He usually fights alongside ThePermian99,

Jackson Deege
Military Admiral Jackson
Jackson with his ROFL Revolver



TTS voice:

Adult Male #7 American


Soldier of AustROFLian army

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:


when there's no war to fight he is in ThePermian Tower assisting ThePermian99.

He fought off-screen in the war in New Zealol in the battle of The Valley of the four winds during the aerial assult but was shot down by the Soviet VietLulz Brigade, he survived the crash however.

He is due to appear in a planned war series by ThePermian99.

Weapons owned

  1. Rofl Revolver
  2. Rofl Eagle
  3. Rofl-5k
  4. Rofl-47
  5. Soi-12
  6. Lmao-4 carbine


  • Jackson Deege is the Dimitri LOlkov/Tactic Advisor Nikolai of Austroflia.
  • He is the first character created by ThePermian99 to be colored other than black (in this case blue).

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