James Rofl
James ROFL




Agent Rofl, James


Jason Rofl (Brother)



James Rofl was a senior intelligence officer in the Rofl Intelligence Agency. He played an important role in the War in the ROFL Island Chain, providing key intelligence and information to Microsoft Sam and Roflcopter Squad. He had heterochromia iridum, resulting in a different colour for each of his eyes. James Rofl exhibited excellent intelligence, using his vast intellect to provide soldiers with crucial information, advise them on combat situations, and provide news updates on current events.

The War in the ROFL Island Chain

During the War in the Rofl Island Chain, Agent Rofl provided assistance to Microsoft Sam and his team throughout the course of the conflict. He remained at the Rofl Intelligence Agency headquarters throughout the course of the war until the end when he traveled to the Rofl Island Chain to congratulate Roflcopter Squad on their victory. Operation Downfall occurred moments later.

The Great Final War

James participated in the Great Final War as an engineer and technology specialist for the Speakonian Rebels. His role was mostly kept into the background as his ability to deliver information was lost following Operation Downfall. Instead, the role of providing information briefly went to his brother, NSA Director Jason Rofl.

During a mission to Cryomir to stop a Communist Linux Penguin Army mining operation, the squad's new ship, the Aurora Crystal, was shot down by Rooster. James Rofl's eyeglasses were broken in the crash, though at the time he thought he would get around without any serious issues. However, as he ventured outside, blurred vision and the sun glare off the snow blinded him, leaving him vulnerable to the corrupted members of the so-called "Highway Squad." James Rofl was shot and killed by Hacker, leaving only Sam, Mike, and the Rofl Robot alive.

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