The Jejemon Virus, or Leet Virus 2.0 is a virus, succeeding the stage of the Leet Virus 1.0.


The Jejemon Virus completes the stage of the Leet Virus, which was stamped out by Akriloth2160. The name "Jejemon" derived from "Jeje", denote the interjection as laughter for Spanish speakers, and that it is appended by "-mon" that came from the Japanese anime/game franchise Pokemon, with "-mon" meant as "monster," hence "jeje monsters." Epidemic of this virus only occurs in the Philippines, specifically in Manila and adjacent provinces. During the ninth episode of the second season of All About Batman, Microsoft Sam was infected and later found out that the symptoms include dividing the universe by zero.


Symptoms of this virus can have:

  • Jibberish epilepsy
  • Endless seizures
  • Coma lasting few days
  • Dividing the universe by zero

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  • Jejeform
  • Jejegadgets
  • Jejepic

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