jemgirl8588 (born Erica Hill on Dec 29, 2000) is a female TTS video maker/producer. She chose her name because she is a huge fan of the classic 1980s cartoon series Jem and The Holograms, and the four numbers at the end of her name refer to the show's original run on televison from 1985 to 1988.

YouTube career

jemgirl8588 joined YouTube on June 9, 2013, but started posting TTS videos in 2014. She has since posted videos of Jem, music, logos, Steven Universe, and so many more, and continues to be active on YouTube and will post more often.

How it all began

It all started when jemgirl8588 was watching a closing logo video that led her to davemadson's Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, and she loved watching the LTIB until davemadson closed his account. She didn't find out about that until April 11, 2014, sadly.

The next day, she was looking up Microsoft Sam videos and she found the song "Windows XP" that was released in ROFL City in 2004 before making its way to YouTube in 2006. When it came out in the ROFL City clubs in 2004, it was a #1 dance hit in the area and shot Sam to local fame. She contacted Sam that day and told him and Mike and Mary to meet with her at Chez Monyou. There, they discussed a reality show and 3 musical albums. The friends were excited to work with jemgirl8588, and a week or two later, they got signed to jemgirl8588's companies!

How Sam, Mike, and Mary met (in jemgirl8588's universe)

In 2006, Sam walked into a club in ROFL City. This group of party girls recognized him and asked him if he was the singer of "Windows XP," and when he said yes, the girls asked him to dance really awkward as a publicity stunt. So he did it, and a then unknown couple, Mike and Mary, saw the dancing, and asked him if he was Microsoft Sam! He said yes, so Sam, Mike, and Mary went into a quiet area of the club, and started to talk. Mike and Mary asked Sam questions about him, his song, and why he was at that club, and Sam instantly wanted Mike and Mary to be his friends. They swapped numbers, and became FRIENDS FOR LIFE!

So, when they walked out of the club, people were wondering who Sam was with. Suddenly, a top producer saw them and asked them if they wanted to work with him, and they became famous! In 2006, local dance show "Dance Party ROFL City" asked Sam to perform on the show, and Sam accepted and wanted Mike and Mary to perform with him. Later that year, Sam, Mike, and Mary danced again, but this time on local teen talk show "Teen Beat." They danced, and were then interviewed.

Hanging with Sam, Mike, and Mary

After seeing Sam, Mike, and Mary starred in tons of TTS shows and sang song covers on YouTube and after davemadson closed his account, jemgirl8588 called Sam and tell him that he, Mike, and Mary were eligible to be signed to her Smooch Records label.

Before that, in October 2013, Sam and his friends temporarily relocated to BFF City in LOL-LOL Land until davemadson closed his account on April 7, 2014. On that day, everyone came back to ROFL City. When Sam and friends were gone, jemgirl8588 was taking care of Sam's old beach house.

When Sam, Mike, and Mary came back, jemgirl8588 discussed to them about moving into a bigger, better beach house to start filming a new reality show for YouTube. So, in June 2014, the three friends sold their old houses and moved into the new house. Right now, they are TOTSY MAGOTSY loving it!

Current plans

jemgirl8588 has finished three TTS pop albums for SamMike, and Mary under her label SMOOCH RECORDS on October 18, 2014. The three friends have recorded their music in AMAZE RECORDING STUDIO. The albums were released through her YouTube channel in 2014 but are now only available through MediaFire as of September 27, 2015, because of complications with selling.

She is also running ShootingStar Publishing (that will publish SMnM books and other media) and Sam, Mike, and Mary's clothing boutique called SMiLE (that makes clothing and stuff for the cool kids, like young men and women) SMiLE additionally sells official SMnM merchandise. Smooch Records, Amaze Recording Studio, ShootingStar Publishing, and SMiLE are all part of jemgirl8588 Enterprises, which is located in ROFL City, CA. jemgirl8588 Enterprises does not have an official building, but it is divided into the four companies mentioned.

jemgirl8588 is going to be producing a reality show called "Sam, Mike, and Mary: Life in ROFL City" soon on her YouTube channel. She works in ROFL City, CA, and she may have more TTS series, such as Sunbow-Marvel Logo Bloopers, and a series related to Jem and The Holograms. She will also upload non-TTS videos such as singing, makeup tutorials, and much more. 

jemgirl8588 has fanfictions in the works soon, and is considering releasing new music from Smooch Records (including an upcoming collaboration with producer Lavon).

She continues to make videos and will possibly become really famous one day.