Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter
Generic News Reporter
Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter as he appears in "Blue Screen Of Death"

Also known as

Braun Moffin




Unknown at time of death


"Blue Screen Of Death" by Thunderbirds101

"Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins" by nkrs200

Voiced By

Adult Male 1 British English

Jen-Eric Noos Ree-Porter (Generic Newsreporter/Braun Moffin) is a character in Thunderbirds101's series, Blue Screen Of Death and Nkrs200's Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins. He has an eye monocle, a mustache, and a top hat. He speaks with a British accent.  

Debut in Blue Screen Of Death and other appearances

Jen'Eric Noos-Ree porter

His Appearance in Funny news bulletins

He made his debut in "Blue Screen Of Death" Episodes 1 and 2, before he was escorted to the NSA Jail  for attempting to reveal secrets about the NSA in Episode 3. He returned in Episode 5, after tunneling his way out of the NSA Jail , but he reveals that he was only allowed to go free if he changed his name to something funny every time he was on air, which is why he is also known as various other names such as Braun Moffin. He has also appeared on nkrs200's series "Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins" as the chief newsreader of the 11 O'Clock News Corporation. In one episode, he was almost eaten by Bacon after he mistook him for bacon in his anti-bacon drugged state. However, in Blue Screen Of Death Episode 5, Porter was not in fact eaten by Bacon. In a following segment, Bacon reveals that he wishes to turn Nkrs200 into bacon for making him out to be a cannibal and as such he labels Nkrs200 to be an "anti-bacon terrorist". In Episode 6, Microsoft Sam took control of the mind and voice of Jen'Eric, making him talk like Sam for the entire broadcast.

Death (Thunderbirds101)

Porter was one of many people killed during a coordinated attack on the 11 O'Clock News studio in London by Shakespeare impersonators and rabid badgers. During this time, a similar looking man named Dusty Cockburn had to fill in for him for at least one episode. Although Porter was able to defeat the impersonators, he was eaten alive by the badgers. Due to the attack, the 11 O'Clock News relocated to a studio in New York City. The relocation came with another news reporter as a replacement for Jen'Eric, Ethan Believeitsnotbutter.

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