Jess with black skin, a ponytail, and a sniper rifle

Jess is one of the members of TheClassyScrub's NSA squad who is smart and considerate as to what choices she makes while she sticks with her friends in a certain mission. As she doesn't intend on putting herself in danger with just assault rifles or shotguns, she safely snipes enemies in long distances and knows when it's time to put the rifle down. Her choices, thoughts, and overall contribution to the squad help her friends know what needs to be done, giving Xur better detail of his plans. Comparing to the rest of the squad, she is black in skin color and has a ponytail at the back of her hair. Just like Xur, Gen, and AJ, Jess first appeared in Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 5 Episode 10.


First appeared in

Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 5 Episode 10


Xur, Gen, AJ, TheClassyScrub, Microsoft Sam, PixelartBuilder583, etc.


Dalton, Hacker Admin Jacob, Icebur Elites, the Icelandian Cyber Brigade


Member of TheClassyScrub's NSA squad

TTS Voice

Adult Female #2



Killed in

Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 6 Episode 9


  • Jess is the brains of the squad.
  • Her choices and wisdom help her friends stay away from imminent danger.
  • She does the right thing and is loyal to the entire group, usually optimistic. However, she hates when AJ starts getting carried away with his goal to pop enemies' heads off and tries to talk him out of it to protect his life.
  • Jess is shy, but she uses her abilities to stand up for her friends in dire circumstances.
  • When Jess hears someone in trouble, she reacts quickly and rushes in to help.


When Jess and the rest of the NSA squad were scrutinizing Purpur Town and its changes from Ogralik Fozerrit and the RBI, they were caught by an alert alarm. After sniping some of the soldiers, she joined up with the gang, fleeing to a safe place. However, Jess had to stop and have the gang feast their eyes on Ogralik, who approached them and gave them a choice to leave or suffer consequences. After AJ made a threat to blow his head off and attempted to do so, Ogralik compromised Jess and the whole gang's minds, permanently forcing them to fight for Lucow and the Fozerri Hacker Army. While cornering Sam, Mike, and Scotty in Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft Season 6 Episode 9, she was sniped by Microsoft Mary.

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